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Anti tamperable technology for University

Anti tamperable technology for University

Latest technology for university.

Education is an important thing for an individual, we believed that it is the key to our future, but what if something came up that made delays for everybody? Unifinity is an online education system that assures the implication of blockchain technology wherein it is impossible to change not edit some of the important data of someone and something. The goal of this project is to implement only the truths so that people who engaged with Unifinity can easily build trust in each other. Everyone can assure that their diplomas and certificates are safe and secure. Engaging with this platform will help everybody to value education and at the same time help other people and earn money. A lot of people will benefit from this website because it is a safe place for every user out there.

 Not everything in this world is safe, there are lots of fake and foolish things around us. We all know that every student can skip classes and sometimes they keep it as a behavior, bad behavior that students should not have. Laziness in attending classes of what we called “absenteeism” is a bad habit because students are don’t value the importance of education nowadays. The good thing about Unifinity is that they will manage to lessen the absenteeism of students because they will bale to earn points throughout the discussion and directly goes to their wallet and will transform cash. Since we are now under the new customary due to pandemics, learning is really a must and that’s why the Department of Education implemented the continuation of classes virtually. With the help of Unifinity, students and instructors will be able to learn from each other through deepening the knowledge that they will get from one another. It may not be easy but with regards to putting the trust in yourself and to the company, you will be able to learn more of it. Just think all the positive sides about the Unifinity because it will help you as a partner of it to put more trust and never doubt something about it.

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