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How to use Blockchain on the Education System

How to use Blockchain on the Education System

We live in a world where everybody is all familiar with stored value credits and rewards points systems earned thru accumulated shopping purchases, air miles, or rewards per subscription which increases consumer retention and motivates the end-user for product repurchases. Then imagine if one day these rewards would be brought to schools and everybody would be more motivated to study.  

Unifinity brings the very first reward points system dedicated to revolutionizing the Edtech industry. Unifinity tokenizes education by utilizing Smart contract in distributing UNY Points where it can be used in the future to purchase courses, products/services offered by partner shops and even convert them into cash or a tradeable asset. UNY Points could be given to students who show good behavior, excel in class, participate well, and are punctual in school. Just by being a good student, you could be rewarded with points.

Students are often competing with each other on receiving recognition and passing the day-to-day task and activities inside the Traditional classrooms. One of the common issues and time-consuming tasks is rating and providing remarks and grades on the students. 

Teachers are consuming extra hours meaning after school workloads are needed to be allocated by an educator on rating the students; Whereby the Teacher’s work is extended into an increased amount of unpaid hours only to monitor and provide remarks to the student’s performance, meaning teachers are spending less time on focusing on Quality Learning Materials and lesson plans. The knock-on effect results from poor student interaction towards the class and can often mean low quality of teaching materials are now presented to the learners. 

Unifinity reward and recognition programs are one method of motivating the users to improve the current workload of an educator by simplifying the remark distribution through the application while empowering the students to participate more in classes by accelerating their skill set through the support of Performance-Based Rewards Distribution Platform that utilizes the Smart contract and automating the Remark distribution by allocating UNY Points based on the student’s behavior/ activities and completed task which will result to improving their study habits and key behaviors that will benefit the Students and the Teachers.

The introduction of this feature takes the education system to the next level. It motivates the students to perform well, and from there, it creates a domino effect because performing well in school would produce better graduate and competent employees and employers in different industries, not only boosting the economy but it affects society on a much bigger scale.

Just imagine a world where everybody loves shopping, playing games, and others. And they are even more motivated to do these activities because they know that they could be rewarded. Then imagine if one day these rewards would be brought to schools and everybody would be more motivated to study. Unifinity turns that imagination into reality as it offers more and more ways to innovate and upgrade the education system.

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