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March 2022

  • What is Blockchain?

    What is Blockchain?

    How Does Blockchain Work? Let’s understand first the meaning of blockchain and what it comprises.. Blockchain refers to a “chain of blocks.” The blocks contain time-stamped digital records of any transactions or exchange of data that takes place via the technology. Blockchain functions as a decentralized and distributed ledger, which implies that there is no…

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  • Anti tamperable technology for University

    Anti tamperable technology for University

    Latest technology for university. Education is an important thing for an individual, we believed that it is the key to our future, but what if something came up that made delays for everybody? Unifinity is an online education system that assures the implication of blockchain technology wherein it is impossible to change not edit some…

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  • How to use Blockchain on the Education System

    How to use Blockchain on the Education System

    We live in a world where everybody is all familiar with stored value credits and rewards points systems earned thru accumulated shopping purchases, air miles, or rewards per subscription which increases consumer retention and motivates the end-user for product repurchases. Then imagine if one day these rewards would be brought to schools and everybody would…

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